Curved. Massive. HDR. FreeSync. Ultrawide. 144Hz. I'm a geek, and my pulse starts pounding when I see words like that describing a single monitor. It's taken me some time to fall in love with the Samsung CHG90 Ultrawide monitor, but now I can't live without it.

Even if it does take up more than half the length of my desk!

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Below are a few reasons I recommend it for gaming, getting work done, and dual system multitasking!

The Gaming Advantages:

Far Cry 5 in stunning 32:9 Ultrawide

1: With a mega-ultrawide (not its official term!) aspect ratio of 32:9 and a resolution of 3840 x 1080, your field of view gets pretty ridiculous in supported games.

2: It's less demanding than 4K which means you still get a premium gaming experience without needing to sink money into a bleeding-edge $700+ graphics card. Even a Vega 64 can crank out an average 66 FPS in Rise of the Tomb Raider's highest quality preset. Yep, that's on Linux. On the Windows side with the same GPU, the latest Lara Croft adventure (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) kicks out an average 56 FPS using the highest quality settings, and that's a very demanding title.

3: With FreeSync 2, getting just under 60FPS is no big deal because the gameplay is still buttery smooth. At this point you probably know about FreeSync, but if you've never tried it be warned: once you do, you won't want to game without it. (in b4 you accuse me of being an AMD fanboy: I say the same thing about G-Sync, but it's more expensive and contains proprietary hardware. FreeSync uses open standards).

4: HDR baby. Jesus. This monitor with something like Far Cry 5 is an open world gaming wet dream. It also has an adjustable Black Equalizer which really lets you dial in the black levels. Plus multiple picture presets for various genres of games. But that HDR is gorgeous.

The Work Advantages:

Ok, KINDA boring image but it does show how deliciously wide this thing is. 

1: Picture-by-Picture. I'm addicted to this. It's a bit baffling Samsung doesn't hype this up in their Amazon listing because it has changed my workflow, and it's geeky multitasking at its finest.

I test a lot of hardware. I constantly have multiple systems on and running. This monitor is the equivalent of two 1920x1080 displays side by side. Since the CHG90 supports displaying images from two external inputs simultaneously, I can have two systems on getting work (and play) accomplished.

An example: I'm testing out a Raspberry Pi 3 which isn't the fastest thing on earth. So I have that plugged in via HDMI, while running benchmarks on the Tuxedo Computers InfinityCube I'm reviewing through one of the two DisplayPort connections (it also has miniDP).

Another (considerably more enjoyable) example: Running those benchmarks, which are time consuming, and using my Intel Hades Canyon box to play MTG: Arena through through Lutris. You know, just during that downtime... Yea, that scenario happens more frequently than I'd like to admit :D

You can also adjust the aspect ratio for each input! One can be 21:9 while the other is in 11:9.

(Banana for scale)

2: If you're working with insane spreadsheets, or you're a browser tab whore, suffice to say a 32:9 aspect ratio is paradise. Or watching YouTube or a Twitch stream at 1080p while having 1920 x 1080 to spare for working on other stuff.

You can also swivel it, adjust its tilt and adjust its height.

It's not exactly light on the bank account, but this monitor considerably simplifies my workflow, unclutters the cords, and it's a dream for gaming.

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