One of the many refreshing things about being a relative newcomer to Linux is that there's no shortage of fun discoveries to make. Even if those discoveries are already 12+ years old by the time they appear on your radar.

You Linux vets probably geeked out about this in 2006 or so, but for my fellow noobs, you absolutely have to watch Star Wars: A New Hope in your Terminal window. It's oddly compelling, if only because you'll be awestruck at the effort someone expended to recreate this entire film with ASCII art.

Fire When Ready!

Watching is as simple as opening Terminal (or Terminator, or Tilix, or whatever console you prefer) and entering the following code:


After a few seconds and some credits, the familiar logo and opening crawl of Star Wars begins, and you'll see every single scene from the film played out in all its ASCII glory.

By the way, this works for macOS users too.

I'll be back later with a few more cool – and productivity destroying – terminal tricks.

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