Our first Linux Distro Challenge exceeded my wildest expectations. Friendships were forged, communities were created and will continue to grow. In 2 short weeks a heap of knowledge was acquired about elementary OS. Now it's time to get ready for the next journey.

For me it will be completely unfamiliar territory.

The primary reason I started these challenges was to step outside my comfort zone and gain experience with unfamiliar or less popular distros. It was also suggested that for Challenge #2 I try a Linux OS that wasn't an Ubuntu derivative.

Enter openSUSE Tumbleweed!

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

I have a sum total of maybe 30 minutes with openSUSE. And I've never used a rolling release distribution. But whenever I've complained about not having the latest and greatest kernel or graphics drivers or newest versions of software, someone has inevitably offered "you really need to try a rolling release!"

This will be truly venturing into uncharted waters. As someone who's only 7 months into his Linux adventure, openSUSE may represent a steep learning curve. But that's how I learn: throw me into the fire blindfolded!

Besides, if this outstanding community is as helpful like it was with the elementary OS Challenge, I won't have much trouble navigating any of it. Neither will you.

So gear up! Get a head start on the Tumbleweed download here. And keep an eye on my Twitter and Forbes page for more details and start times!