Several months ago I decided to journey down the ever-expanding, magical rabbit hole known as desktop Linux. Life hasn't quite been the same since. I wake up feeling like every day is a new adventure, and the community that has rallied around what I'm doing is nothing short of extraordinary.

You Have Forbes. Why This?

Forbes is my main platform for writing about Linux. Not just because it's my day job, but because it lets me shine a new kind of mainstream light on the world of Linux. It also comes with some limitations. Like being professional and writing a certain number of words in each article. Perhaps the biggest issue is that Linux isn't the only thing I write about at Forbes.

It's easy for a total stranger, or someone in my community, to stumble across a single Linux article there. But it's exceedingly more challenging to read a series of guides or see the bigger content picture.

So, you want to see just my Linux stuff? That's what this site is for. I'll have pages published where I'll link you to an entire series, or where you can see content hubs for guides and reviews.

Also, maybe random musings that are too long for Twitter and too short – or unprofessional -- for Forbes ;-)

Beyond that, there are a few more things in the pipeline. Awesome things. So stay tuned, and as always thanks for being along for the ride!


Image credit: Pixabay